A Day Of My Life

I was trying to think of what to write for my first blog post, I’m so full of ideas I didn’t know where to start. Then thought, maybe you guys would like to get to know who it is that’s writing these posts! Something a little more detailed than the About page, but I didn’t want to just rattle on, so thought I’d do a post about an average day of my life.


5:30am : Every day starts at the same time; not being a morning person, and having several health issues that make getting up harder, I find this routine helps a great deal. I have a cold shower and do my skincare before checking the weather to make sure I pack an umbrella if I need to. Can never trust English weather!

6am : Breakfast depends on how energetic I’m feeling, or how much I’ve prepared for the week. If I’m very awake and haven’t snoozed the alarm then I’ll do some scrambled eggs on toast. A good source of protein and definitely one of my favourites.

If I don’t have much time but I’ve been prepared then I’ll have some homemade low-fodmap flapjacks. If I’m in a rush then these are so easy to just grab on my way out of the door. These are also great for snacks throughout the day.

6:15am : After breakfast I brush my teeth and start to get myself ready, usually I lay out my clothes the night before to save me a few minutes each morning.

7am : Time to wake up my son and get him ready for nursery. He picks what he’d like for breakfast and what clothes he’ll wear. For a three year old he is very independent and rarely lets me do anything for him.

7:45am : Now we’re all fed and dressed it’s time to head out of the flat. I take my son to nursery then make my way to work. I won’t bore you with my work day; it’s retail, you can probably imagine what happens.

5:30pm : My evenings follow two formats; if my son is home then I head to nursery to pick him up and we go home and tidy the flat or play some games. He loves getting involved where he can. If he’s at his dads then I check what classes are on at my gym and head there for yoga, swim or a workout. Of course that also means a sneaky chill out in the sauna too.

7pm : Dinner time! I’m a fan of dinners, by far my favourite meal of the day. I don’t like doing anything that requires too much prep as by now my fatigue is pretty bad and my pain can be unmanageable. If the pain is too much I have some frozen meals from a batch I make on Sundays. If I’m well enough however I find enjoyment in making a tasty low-fodmap meal from scratch. See my future blogs for my favourite low-fodmap meals.

7:40pm : Time to chill out on the sofa, wrapped up in comfy blankets. This is when I’ll dedicate some time to check social media and see what’s going on in the internet world of the people I follow.

8pm : When my son is home, we start the bedtime routine; read a story, brush our teeth, get into our PJs etc. He tries to reason with me on why he should be allowed to stay up or sleep in my bed and eventually agrees he should go to bed in his room. If he’s at his dads then I usually indulge in some more sofa-chilling time and get the computer out while watching whatever it is I’m binging on the TV.

9:30pm : This is my wind down time. I take my tablets, which can make me fairly drowsy, and put down my iPhone and MacBook. Television is the only tech that stays on but the brightness and volume get turned down low. I’ll also use this time to do my skincare regime and get into my PJs if I’m not already in them. (Anyone else love getting home and straight into their pyjamas?)

10pm : Bedtime, where possible this is every day to keep to that routine and make it easier to wake up in the morning. The key to reducing the pain from fibromyalgia for me is definitely getting my sleep routine done right. Television off, I’ve even removed the TV from my bedroom so there’s no chance of me cheating on this one. Alarm set on my iPhone and kept out of arms reach with Do Not Disturb on so I can’t get distracted by it. Watch put on charge next to the bed if I absolutely need to check the time. Zzzzzzzz.


And so ends my typical day. This post will be updated with links to other posts I make that are relevant if you want to check out more specifics about certain areas like low-fodmap, my workout, skincare etc.

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